martedì 11 ottobre 2011

#1tweetX30: How to boost your learning and studying remaining #social

What about getting Twitter to boost your learning and studying?
The idea is quite simple: avoid to spend all the day on books but also avoid that the “I’ll just check my email and be back to study” might mess all your daily routine (we all know the real power of the Facebook/Procrastination brand).

This basically means force yourself to have a small break every X-worked pages, reset your mind, send a tweet and then go back to work. Well, you may also check your mentions after sending the message and also browse what the other people boosting their learning with twitter are going by checking the right hashtag(s).

Right, what about the hashtag?
The structure is quite simple, go for #1tweetX followed by the number of page you want to read before enabling yourself the be disturbed (or saved) by your smartphone/browser’s window. My #1tweetX30 means I have read 30 pages before interrupting, breathe, tweet and be back working.

You may tweet about what you have just learned or about everything, of course.
Let me know how it goes…

Uh, by the way, I choose 30 because it is a good length to finish a paper or a chapter and also ‘coz I find it is usually the page at which you start looking around for some kind of distraction. Do you think there should be a different numbers?

P.s: I still have to figure out whether the #1tweetX30 stuff is going to affect your replying or #ff.